Kitchen Guide: Top 5 reasons to install splashbacks for your kitchen

As a person who adores modern architecture, I planned to decorate my house with contemporary furniture. I went through many designs to see what fits my budget and taste. However, I must admit I have a particular likeliness towards my kitchen, so it was my target to make it look big, clean yet welcoming. So, as I said I went through the designs, and that’s when I first came to know about splashbacks for a kitchen. It seemed interesting enough, so I did a little bit of research on it. After days of procrastinating, I decided to go with them in my kitchen. To put it lightly, I adore them. Here are some tip to help you to buy splashbacks as they have helped me.


• Splashbacks are modern designs available in glass splashbacks and mirror splashbacks that can give the kitchen a unique touch.

• These are available in various materials in the market including stainless steel, glass, granite and also zenolite.

• These are highly durable as they are manufactured by UV-stable technology making it permanent.

• Splashbacks can usually resist up to 220°C; making them a true companion while working in the kitchen.

• It is quite easy to clean them plus there is no need to worry about stain marks for this product.

So what I could gather is, splashbacks are a kitchen material used above the sinks or stove-top which protects the walls from stains, grease or anything similar. It can resist high heat and comes in various modern materials. As a buyer, another thing I noticed before purchasing were the features that made it different from others and the installation process of this material. Let’s talk about that now

Long Term Durability

The splashbacks (as mentioned above) are made from UV-stable technology. These are changeable and tends to outlive any other product of its kind.

Color of your Choice

I love to play with colors, and one thing that attracted me the most was this glass comes in all colors and patterns. It doesn’t matter if you like floral print or rainbow straps or solid bold colors, these glasses have every shade you could imagine!

Easy, Healthy and Stylish

Well, who doesn’t love a well-decorated kitchen? The two best sellers are glass splashbacks and mirror splashbacks. There are also acrylic splashbacks. These not only makes the kitchen walls and cabinet tops look gorgeous but also helps the family to stay healthy as it is easy to clean and manage. It gives a light reflection which makes the room look bigger and brighter. A pretty amazing product for a reasonable budget right?

Hassle-free Installation

The installation only requires a wall with four holes to mount the glass and some decent skills. It is best to go for a professional for best results, but you can do it if you know the drill.

Glass Splashbacks

Now, as a regular user, I can say these materials are excellent for modern art lovers. Many websites offer this service. For example, claims, “The glass we use is crystal clear so that no tint will spoil the image. We use toughened glass and meet Australian safety standard that has sufficiently heat resistant and is hard to break” You can check them out and select the product that suits your requirements. I hope this helped. Happy shopping!