Why Digital Marketing is a game changer in 2017?

Digital Marketing Melbourne has evolved to be one of the primary faces through which companies interact with their customers. Today every damn business is connected to the web. So what really drags them to adopt such digital environment? The answer is simple. We as a human have a tendency to neglect efforts and engage easier means of getting things done. Reaching the web and thus connecting with what we want have become our natural behavior and routine.
To fill up this gap, companies have been trying every single day to attract and retain the maximum of us. 2017, however, is going to be another mind-blowing year as the digitally empowered assets once again are ready to storm us all.
How? Keeping in mind your immense curiosity to know this, let’s just have a look at how and why digital marketing will be a game changer in 2017.
Let’s get started.

1: The Growing Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

The eMarketer has predicted that digital ad market would grow up to $77.37 billion in 2017, which has further cleared the scope of digital marketing merging with the AI technique to reach this mark. The auto-product recommendation, SEO-optimized click-bait headlines, bots or dynamic pricing, everything is about to boom in the form of AI this year.

2: Content Marketing be a Trump Card again

Sites majorly are able to earn traffic due to their effective content marketing strategies. 2017 would observe a massive rise in this. An effective content would only be the sole key to succeeding online. According to a report, content marketing costs 62% less than other means of marketing and generates three times greater leads.

3: Live Video Streaming

Adding work videos to a site makes it more reliable and easy to relate to. As predicted by Cisco, videos would take 82% of the overall traffic three years from now. While it has already been implemented to varying social media sites, businesses have started to feel the difference of enabling a live video streaming facility on their portals to interact directly with their customers. Live video streaming would authenticate businesses and would induce a sense of “being there” inside the customers.

4: The Ever mind-blowing Augmented Reality

This was the sole reason for why PokemonGo achieved so much of the user base after its launch. It was found through research that inducing Augmented Reality in Digital marketing makes it easier for the people to take decisions regarding a product faster. This strategy will continue to gain attention in 2017 as well.

5: Data Visualization and Social Media would prevail

It has become more important that a visually appealing data is provided to the people. Infographics, creative digital posters, etc. have already started bagging user-base online and would continue to influence users in 2017. Social media like always will be an important tool to advertise services to the vulnerable user-base. New and advanced techniques have made social media is mind-blowing advertising means, and more advancement is yet to be seen.

These aspects will have the maximum impact on anything online and therefore, if you don’t have any of these things, get it right now.